Saturday, September 22, 2007


I'm back from London.

Everything in London is expensive.

4.20 pounds for nasi lemak
7 pounds for fish & chips
5 pounds for 1 day train pass

and the list goes on.

But, it was a fruitful trip. Luckily Janet meimei was there so I met up with her and we did alot of things!!

We went for the stadium tour at Stamford Bridge, the homeground of Chelsea.

The press room which the players sits for their interviews..

The red telephone booth that is everywhere in London.

We went Chinatown and it is reali filled with lotsa Chinese!!

Some castle near the Tower Bridge...

A wax figurine in London Eye Ticket Office...

I took the tube (aka MRT) to London Bridge station..

We had a taste of relaxing life the london way, on the grass..

We had a feast of chinese food at Four Seasons in Bayswater which is famous for their duckie and these few dishes cost more than 50 pounds!! Thanks to Janet's bf who kindly foot the bill.

We saw the London Eye as well...

And jus opposite is the Big Ben...

We went clubbing at the Zoo bar & club and its indeed a happening club. Cover charge is 7 pounds per pax. (and tat equilvilents to SGD 21!!)

We watched a musical as well which is 'The Lion King' and its not cheap either. 37 pounds for 1 show!! But bo bian lah.. mus try the Londoners way of life mah.. They have musicals everywhere everyday!!
We had haagen daaz ice cream and people watch as well!!
I enjoyed the 2 day trip very much!! Too bad she's coming bac sg in Oct. My next London flt shall cover other places of interest!!
A pity i fell sick in London due to the very cold weather and extreme cold wind blowing yet turns to very warm and humid when it comes to indoor.
Cold than hot. Hot than cold.
How can I not fall sick??? The flu and terrible cough indeed spoils part of my day. haizz~~
Anyway, next stop, a turnaround flt than comes Perth!! The place tat i've always been hearing that its boring. Let's see if its reali tat boring!!
Nov roster coming out in early oct. Hope i get a Japan flt. I've yet to have a decent Japanese meal in Japan!!
Praying hard hard now...

5:58 PM